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Queen of the Lot
118 minutes
Director(s): Henry Jaglom
Fri 9:20 PM Varsity 2 RUSH
Sat 6:20 pm Varsity 2 RUSH
Mon 3:20 pm Varsity 2 RUSH

Noah Wyle (ER) and Tanna Frederick (Hollywood Dreams, 2006 AIFF) star as Maggie and Aaron in AIFF Artistic Achievement Award recipient Henry Jaglom’s most recent ensemble comedy. With a team of handlers to spin her recent drunk driving arrests into tabloid gold, and bad-boy movie star boyfriend Dov on her arm, Maggie is on the rise. When Dov’s brother, Aaron, the black sheep in a Hollywood dynasty, is sent to retrieve golden boy Dov for a family get-together, Maggie doesn’t let her electronic ankle bracelet hold her back from a chance at fame.

Maggie joins the soiree and is immediately overwhelmed by the legendary family. As she struggles to hold her own in a place where film deals are negotiated over dinner and ex-wives are brought back into the fold because of box office bankability, Maggie finds a kindred spirit in Aaron, a writer who can actually see who Maggie really is behind her ingénue facade, and has secrets of his own. [adult content, language]

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