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Summer Pasture
85 minutes
Director(s): Lynn True, Nelson Walker
Fri 10:10 AM Varsity 3 RUSH
Sat 12:40 pm Varsity 3 RUSH
Mon 9:40 pm Varsity 3

A young nomadic couple live with their infant daughter in the high grasslands of eastern Tibet. With rare access to an area seldom visited by outsiders, an unprecedented window into a highly insular community and a sensitive portrait of a family at a time of great transition unfolds. Locho and his wife Yama live in Dzachukha, eastern Tibet - nicknamed "5-most" for being the highest, coldest, poorest, largest, and most remote area in Sichuan Province, China. They depend on their herd of yaks for survival, just as their ancestors have for generations. In recent years however, Dzachukha has undergone rapid development, which poses exceptional challenges to nomadic life. In the face of mounting obstacles, Locho and Yama gradually reveal the personal sacrifice they will make to ensure their daughter's future. Through its subtle observation, we see what it means to be a nomad in a swiftlymodernizing world, in this universal story of family survival. [subtitles]

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