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An Oversimplification of Her Beauty
88 minutes
Director(s): Terence Nance
Thu 12:10pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Fri 09:40am Varsity 4 RUSH
Sat 3:10pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Sun 6:10pm Varsity 4 RUSH
Mon 9:10pm Varsity 4 RUSH

You've just arrived home after a bad day. You're broke and lonely, even though you live in the biggest and busiest city in America. You do, however, have one cause for mild optimism: you seem to have captured the attention of an intriguing young lady. You've rushed home to clean your apartment before she comes over. In your haste, you see that you've missed a call. There's a voice mail; she tells you that she won't be seeing you tonight.

With arresting insight, vulnerability, and a delightful sense of humor, the relationship between Terence and Namik is documented. Utilizing a tapestry of live action and various styles of animation, through a quirky entanglement of narrative threads of a film within a film, the fantasies, emotions, and memories that race through Terence’s mind during a singular moment in time are explored.

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