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105 minutes
Director(s): Nicholas Ozeki
Thu 9:20pm Varsity 2
Fri 12:20pm Varsity 2
Sat 12:20pm Varsity 2
Sun 6:20pm Varsity 2

In this sweet coming of age film, shot in the multi-cultural environs of urban Los Angeles, Jordin Juarez, is the quintessential Latino high school poser who wants to be bad and cool with his friends. But his true nature, seen in his life with his family, belies the cocky and self-assured character he portrays. As he is given the responsibility for caring for his failing grandfather, Jordin meets Felipa, a studious, fiercely independent transfer student who sees through his tough exterior. Bemused by her attention to him, he takes an interest in her, and their unlikely friendship becomes a powerful but fragile bond.

With the L.A. skyline as a constant backdrop, the film reminds us how the strong values of family, instilled by culture, are insistent influences on our lives, despite generational distances. A sincere film about family, friendship, and young love. 

[adult content]

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