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Shakespeare High
82 minutes
Director(s): Alex Rotaru
Sat 3:00pm Armory
Mon 6:20pm Varsity 2

Follow this group of highly motivated students from very diverse backgrounds as they prepare for the 90th Annual Shakespeare Competition sponsored by the Drama Teachers Association of Southern California (DTASC). Josh and Marisa attend the prestigious High School of the Arts. Nicole, Tommy, Galvin and Melvin are from the low-income community of Hesperia. Colleen is from affluent Westside Notre Dame High School. Tosh, Vato and Taco are former gang members from East L.A. 

Through drama, the students discover a way to face adversity, including poverty, family problems, gang violence, drugs, absentee parents, and the trials of adolescence. “Do you know why an actor acts?” Taco asks. “Because he doesn’t like who he is.” Their stories are interspersed with commentary by DTASC alumni Kevin Spacey, Val Kilmer, Mare Winningham and Richard Dreyfus. Viewers will gain a stronger sense of why support for arts education in our schools is so critically important. [brief, mild language; family-friendly age 10+]

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Mon 6:20pm Varsity 2
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This year we have reserved three time slots on Monday, April 16th for films that may require additional screenings due to ticket demand that exceeds our initial availability.
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