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Free Fall
100 minutes
Director(s): Stephan Lacant
Thu 12:20 pm Varsity 2
Fri 9:20 pm Varsity 2
Mon 09:50 am Varsity 2
Marc has a promising career as a police officer in the riot control unit. He is expecting a child with his live-in girlfriend, and his parents have loaned him money for a duplex right next door to them. It seems his life path is set. Then he meets a fellow policeman at the training academy. At first, they go jogging together and their friendship brings a breath of fresh air into his life. But there’s something stronger between them, and when they kiss, he begins to fall in love with a man for the first time. Pulled into an increasingly passionate and romantic affair, Marc loses control of what he thought was his perfect life. In this state of “free fall,” he cannot make anyone happy anymore, least of all, himself. [mature, subtitles]
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