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A miracle happened.
In late November, a very special AIFF friend offered the promise of a remarkable $18,000 gift.  The conditions:  1) other donors had to contribute an additional $18,000; and 2) their gifts had to come during Chanukah, a meaningful holiday to our friend, starting November 28 and ending December 6.

Amazingly, by the end of Chanukah, AIFF donors had contributed an extraordinary $36,386!
We are so grateful for this outpouring of support.  It's inspiring.  And it's humbling.  As newcomers, we feel welcomed in a way we never expected:  grateful for our friend and everyone who contributed.
People have asked:  "Why did your matching donor choose $18,000?"  The Hebrew word "Chai" -- which sounds like high -- means "life" in English.  The word's Hebrew letters have a numerical value of 18.  It is a Jewish custom to give monetary gifts in increments of 18, symbolically blessing the recipient with a good long life.  And when given to charity, 18 expresses hope that the charity will be blessed with life and prosperity.  So that's the explanation, and in honor of our special friend, we were delighted to embrace this custom, including our imagery:  

Celebration | Honor | Activism | [i]nspiring!
Thank you, AIFF community.
Sky Loos, Executive Director & Roberta Munroe, Artistic Director

P.S.  You can still donate if you like (but we cannot match any more).  Just click the 
green button below.

With gratitude for your support and your giving spirit and acknowledgement of what is meaningful as you observe and celebrate this time of year.  -The AIFF Family
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