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AIFF 2023 Documentary Showcase

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2023 AIFF Documentary Showcase

The AIFF 2023 Documentary Showcase has been made possible through a Community Collaboration of local cinephiles, Coming Attractions Varsity Theater, and the support of the AIFF Board of Directors.

The Showcase takes place April 14-20, 2023 at Coming Attractions Varsity Theater 
in Ashland, Oregon.

See Showcase trailer here.



We are excited to share 6 prestigious documentaries hot off of the independent film festival circuit, LIVE at the Varsity Theater.  Tickets are on sale NOW!

We are also featuring 6 curated independent films STREAMING on the 
KINO NOW platform (Streaming films will be continuously available until April 28th).

(See KINO NOW Platform FAQs here.)


We hope this showcase will plant the seed for the future of AIFF and local filmmakers, continuing independent film screenings in Ashland!

Click HERE for information on the films, including trailers.

  • LIVE tickets will be available through the Varsity Theater box office or through the Coming Attractions website.
  • STREAMING tickets will be available through KINO NOW.
  • Tickets may also be purchased from the individual film pages:
    • Choose a Film
    • Select A Showing
    • Click Ticket Ordering
      • Varsity/Coming Attractions = buy ticket(s)
      • KINO NOW = rent film(s)
    • Enjoy!


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