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Membership FAQ

When Can I Begin Ordering Tickets for AIFF 2019?

AIFF 2019 tickets will be available for purchase online and at the Box Office.  Ticket sales open depending on membership level.  Please check the table below for when you can begin ordering.

Membership Level Date to begin Ordering Online ordering begins Physical Box Office hours
AIFF Board,
Executive Producer, Producer
March 25, 2019 10 am 4-6 pm
Director March 26, 2019 10 am 4-6 pm
Fan March 27, 2019 10 am 4-6 pm
Cine March 28, 2019 10 am 4-6 pm
Indie March 29, 2019 10 am 4-6 pm
Friend March 30, 2019 10 am 4-6 pm
General Public March 31, 2019 10 am 4-6 pm

How Do I Prove I'm A Member?

If you have purchased a membership, you should have received an email confirmation of your purchase. If you did not receive confirmation, please let us know at: info@ashlandfilm.org. Please include your first and last name, membership level, and the estimated date of purchase in your email.


In early March, we will email all members with instructions on how to utilize your member benefits to buy tickets for AIFF 2019.  Please ensure to check your SPAM folder if you do not receive an email by mid-March. 

As a new feature this year, in addition to purchasing and picking up tickets at the Box Office, all tickets ordered online will also be available to be printed at home, or saved on a smart phone or tablet.

During AIFF 2019 - Member Badges

During AIFF 2019, your member badge (listing your name and membership level) will be your festival ID and proof of your membership.  Your badge should be worn at all times during the festival to receive your benefits. 

Your member badge will be available for pickup at the Box Office as of your membership level's date to begin ordering tickets (as listed above).  

What Benefits Do I Get With My Membership?

Please see our membership page for details about what each membership level receives.

What Does "Early Entrance to Festival Films Before General Public" Mean?

During the festival there are two lines outside the theaters - one for Members and one for the General Public. The member line the theater first and given first pick of seats in the theater! Members are allowed into the venues approximately 30-40 minutes before start time.

What Does "All Memberships Are Individual And Non-Transferable" Mean?

Your membership benefits do not extend to your family, friends or significant others. The discounts/free tickets that you are allowed by your membership cannot be used by anyone other than you.

What Does 'Pass to Pre-Select a Film' Mean?
All films during AIFF are organized into one of five general "time slots", or blocks of time during which the films are shown: (1) Morning; (2) Noon; (3) Afternoon; (4) Evening; and (5) Night. 

Films in each time slot may not necessarily start at the same time (e.g. one film may start at 9:00 AM, while another may begins at a different venue at 9:30 AM), and depending on our schedule, there could be anywhere from five to seven films playing in any given time slot. 

If you have a membership that allows to you "pre-select a film during a time slot", you have the benefit of obtaining a free ticket
* for a given number of time slots.

Memberships that include a free ticket within a time slot are:

  • Indie: 5 time slots
  • Cine: 14 time slots
  • Fan, Director, Producer, and Executive Producer: all 24 time slots

When purchasing your tickets, you will see the number of free tickets you have available and the option to use of your free tickets.  Please ensure to choose the ticket with a price of $0!

Still confused? Email us at info@ashlandfilm.org ot give us a ring at 541.488.3823.
*Membership benefits only allow to secure 1 free ticket within a single time slot.   Some exclusions may apply to special presentations or film screenings.

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