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Call for Entries Closed at This Time!

Contact info@ashlandfilm.org with submission questions.

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Our Annual Festival

  • 10 days of 75+ great docs, features, shorts, TV pilots

  • A Virtual Festival on the Eventive platform open to all Oregonians!

  • All films eligible for cash awards for jury prize winners!

  • Potential Virtual Opening Night Bash, Awards Night and other networking opportunities

  • Please see the list of award winners on our website. Please note that international films outside the Americas may not be eligible for competition. We provide laurels to all winners for promotion. All selected films will have access to our official selection laurels.

  • Acclaimed jurors from the independent film community

  • Special Guests have included David Oyelowo, Eleanor Coppola, Chris Cooper James Ivory, Walter Murch, Garrett Bradley, Morgan Spurlock, Barbara Kopple, Lucy Walker, Ty Burrell, Albert Maysles, Julie Taymor, Helen Hunt, Les Blank, Bruce Campbell, Barbara Hammer, Gordon Quinn, Julia Reichert, and Renee Tajima-Peña.

“I can confidently say that AIFF is one of the warmest, hospitable, well-organized, and FUN festivals I have ever attended. From the very beginning, you were all so welcoming and kind. You treated us so well and we felt so taken care of and appreciated. All the staff and volunteers were so hard working, and I could tell that they all had a true love for Ashland, the festival, and for cinema. 
Above all, what I loved most about AIFF was that it truly felt like a CELEBRATION! There was so much joy surrounding film, and such love for art. This meant that everywhere we turned, we felt constantly encouraged and supported." - Jean Lee, Original Sin

Our Filmmakers

AIFF Alumni Filmmakers rave about our festival's hospitality and attention to filmmaker's needs, and intelligent audiences. 

We're committed to providing the best festival experience possible. Enjoy the hospitality of our staff and volunteers as we extensively promote your film, which is screened several times over fifteen days, on our Eventive.com channel packed with intelligent and engaged audiences.

“The Ashland Independent Film Festival is one of those festivals that works like a great chorus: all the elements - the town, the landscape, the venues, the programmers, the audiences, the other filmmakers - all work together and resonate in a wonderful and powerful way.  Our first time at the festival we hope will not be our last…" - Alex Rivera, The Infiltrators

See Entry FAQs for more information

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