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Voucher FAQ

What if I didn't get an email about my vouchers?
There are two types of film vouchers- online and paper. Online vouchers can be redeemed online or at the AIFF Box Office. Physical vouchers can only be redeemed at the box office. If you have paper vouchers, they must be redeemed in person at the AIFF Box Office (Information Kiosk, Downtown Ashland Plaza) Check the Box Office Dates Page for hours of operation.

If you didn't get an email about redeeming online vouchers (and you have checked your SPAM folder in your email) and you are certain that you should have received one, please email, info@ashlandfilm.org or give us a call at (541) 488-3823.

WHEN and WHERE can I redeem my vouchers?
If you have vouchers that are redeemable online, the email you receive will include the date you can redeem them. If you have a paper voucher, check the date printed on the voucher.

What if I have two different sets of vouchers with two different logins?
Each voucher set needs to be redeemed separately online.  You must log in with your first voucher login and place your first order. Log out and then log in with the second voucher login and place your second order.

What if I'm a Member & a Volunteer
If you are a member, you may not be able to redeem your volunteer vouchers on the same day. Your volunteer vouchers can be redeemed on March 31st. The log in page to redeem your vouchers is the same page where you log in to get your member tickets. You cannot redeem your vouchers while you are placing your member order. You must log out of your membership order and then log in with the email address and password that you received in the Voucher email. Even though your membership restricts you to one discounted/free ticket per time block, your vouchers can be redeemed for any film with tickets still available!

What can I redeem my vouchers for?
Each voucher can be redeemed for one ticket to any film with available seating during the festival. However, some films or events may be excluded from redemption with vouchers or member passes.

How many vouchers do I have?
The email that you were sent should tell you how many vouchers you have been awarded.

Can I just show up at a film with my paper voucher?
No! Your voucher must be exchanged for a physical ticket in order to attend a screening. You can redeem your paper vouchers for a ticket in person at the box office.

Can I exchange my paper vouchers for Rush tickets? 
Yes, we will accept paper voucher for films in RUSH! You cannot use your online vouchers for a film that is in RUSH.

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