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Rush Tickets

What is RUSH?
When advance tickets are no longer available the film goes into "RUSH".

5 - 10 minutes before show time, AIFF Volunteers take a count of empty seats in the theatre, and sell that exact amount of tickets to people standing in the RUSH line.

RUSH tickets are available on a first-come, first-served basis, depending on how many seats are unclaimed after advance ticket holders are admitted. Remember, RUSHING is a roll of the dice! Some people may not get in if there are not enough available seats.

How to RUSH
  • Show up at the theatre and join the RUSH line for the show you want to see. 
RUSH lines (separate from the ticket holder lines) usually start to form anywhere from 60 - 30 minutes before show time, but the really dedicated could be there much earlier. Please look for the RUSH Line signs.
  • Have your cash or paper vouchers ready. RUSH tickets are meant to be sold fast!
There is no special discount for RUSH tickets - they are sold for the same prices as regular tickets.
Online vouchers and member badges cannot be used to buy a ticket at RUSH.
  • Find an open seat and enjoy the show.
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