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2018 Launch Winners

Launch Grades K-5 Winner

The Adventure  (2 minutes)

Hayden Bowman and Sophie Moe - Launch Grades K-5 Winner -- A humorous stop-motion short about some ad- venturous kids who get lost in the woods over- night and their hungry moms and messy dads.

Launch Grades 6-8 Winner

Annabelle's Lego Dream  (4 minutes)

Annabelle Elliott - Launch Grades 6-8 Winner -- When Annabelle falls asleep with a song stuck in her head, her dreams can get pretty interesting.

Launch Grades 9-12 Winner             

Hounded  (3 minutes)

Brandon Fortino - Launch Grades 9-12 Winner - A dog’s little odyssey goes a long way...

Hounded from Brandon Fortino on Vimeo.

Launch College Winner

Foul Weather Friends (4 minutes)

Anna Hodges - Launch College Winner -- Shape shifter Danny rescues a cat during a storm, befriending her as they shelter together.

Launch Pride Prize Winner

The Last Letter  (3 minutes)

Moriah Doepken and Joevahnta Usugan-Weddington - Pride Prize Winner -- A film about love being love. 

The Last Letter (short film) from Moriah on Vimeo.


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